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Pivot Installer

As a Pivot Installer you work closely with our operations manager, to plan, undertake and complete the installation and commissioning of Irrigation Projects. Practical knowledge and a keen interest with the installation of irrigation systems, pipelines and pump stations is a must. The role will include operating plant as per applicable licences and is great for a logical ‘doing’ type person who enjoys working in a team. The role is for someone with a keen interest in agriculture and pride in completing projects to a high level of workmanship. As a pivot installer you will be able to grow your experience in both agriculture and irrigation in many different farm 

Training Opportunity – Certificate 3 in Agriculture and/or Scholarship for Agriculture based university studies.

What you need...
•    To love the outdoors both the fresh frosty mornings and the warm summer days
•    To love traveling the open rural roads and spending time on farms
•    To be ready to learn on the job and contribute to the teams success
•    You will need a white card and a drivers license to get you round.
What we give you....
•    A lift to your outdoor office for the week in a company work vehicle
•    Meal allowances so you can hit up the pub for a Parmi at the end of the workday
•    A bed to rest your tired head while your away for the week
•    A team to join that's in the business of building pivot irrigators for our NSW farmers
•    38-hour week plus overtime.
About us
The Flow Smart Group are a progressive, innovative company that is passionate about teamwork, quality and learning. We pride ourselves on being humble and family oriented, we care about our employees, everyone will have an opportunity to excel in their chosen career. We are nimble, adapting quickly to respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers and providing our employees with endless challenges and career opportunities. 

If you think this is the lifestyle change you are looking for, get on the blower now to find out more. If you know it's for you, submit your resume today via

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