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Apprentice Machinist

Certificate III in Engineering - Machining Trade

If you like working with machines and building big things then the Mechanical trade is for you. Here at Flow Smart, we manufacture products for the Irrigation industry. We get to try our hand at many different aspects of the trade and work in some really cool locations across Australia. As part of your apprenticeship, we will help you achieve your trade certificate training through TAFE NSW. The Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade course is a nationally recognised course and once completed the qualification is yours for life. While you complete your apprenticeship we will train you on the job to sharpen your skills and broaden your thoughts on what can be achieved with the right mindset.

Some important points that will help you understand your Mechanical Trade Apprenticeship with Flow Smart.

  • The Apprenticeship is a 4-year contract between you, us and a registered training organisation (RTO) such as TAFE.

  • You will attend TAFE in Wagga on 5 days bock release approx 10 times a year. 

  • We will train and mentor you on the job in all aspects of the trade and occasionally life!!.

  • We will support you in your studies giving you ample time to complete your training. 

  • You will apply yourself completely to be the best tradesperson you can be. 

  • We will communicate with you clearly about your performance and help you set goals to improve where required.

  • We will reward you for showing effort in improving quality and efficiency as you grow.

We really look forward to discussing your opportunities here with us. If you are keen to chat further click the "JOIN US" link below and we can begin the journey. 

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